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Photo of BillThe orange bars on the left of this page open previews of six websites, each one highlighting an aspect of what I do, what I've done, what I create or have created and some of my greatest accomplishments.

Instead of giving people a whole list of them, I've posted this page that explains each one and links to it. These websites link to additional articles I've written and that have been written about me.

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The Meaning of Life

Soon You Will Understand...The Meaning of Life

Online essay and my second book. A brief generic overview of why you are here, what your experience is all about and what it all means.

Has been online since 1999. Generates about 500 unique visitors per day.  Google "the meaning of life" and it comes up 5th of 38,000,000.
Book available from Amazon (including reviews) or from the publisher
Includes my overall résumé and links to an article about me and the book

Technical Writer

Bill Blank -- Technical Writer -- Online Résumé

My main occupation:

Technical writer/communicator, course and Web content developer, application and system documentation provider, with over 15 years' experience

"Creating clear, concise, accurate documentation for technical applications"
Includes work samples, experience, links to published articles and downloadable résumés


Sacramento Hypnosis

My sideline: Using hypnosis to help people quit smoking, gain control of their eating, unlearn fear of flying and figure out the meaning of life

Providing hypnotherapy services to the Sacramento area for smoking cessation and other needs for over twenty years
Includes a link to another article about me, as well as articles on hypnosis

Defrocked Rabbi

Defrocked Rabbi

"The story, musings, rants and reflections of a one-time active rabbi, now earning his living as a techno-geek by day and hypnotherapist by night"

My very occasional blog.  I'm not really defrocked, but I am an ordained rabbi, having served in that capacity for over a dozen years. For the last fifteen years that work has been limited to occasional guest rabbi gigs, while I did other things. Includes the article I wrote in 1996 describing that transition with updating comments.

Internet Haggadah

Internet Haggadah

A Haggadah for Passover that is clear, concise, traditional, but modern, spiritual, fun and downloadable

Haggadah is a liturgy booklet Jews use to celebrate Passover. This one is different: you download one copy and print all you need; the translation is clear and direct to the point; the traditional text is lightly edited; all the Hebrew is transliterated. Since 2006 over 25,000 people have used this Haggadah.

Torah, Tarot & Tantra

Torah, Tarot & Tantra: A Guide to Jewish Spiritual Growth

My first book

When first published, it received great reviews in obscure publications. Out of print, but available through this link to Amazon. Could use a bit of revision but it's who I was 20 years ago.